Online program to obtain the energy certificate

Since 2013, the energy certificate is an essential requirement to rent or sell. And it is not for less, because the difference between a category A and a G can be around € 2,300 of annual savings.
In today’s article we will analyze the characteristics of real estate Pakistan app, an app to find Properties for sale in Islamabad, developed by the Skymarketing company, as well as the main questions that affect real estate professionals about energy certificates

Spanish buildings, little efficient

Knowing the level of energy efficiency of Spanish buildings has brought us more than a scare. For example, we now know that 8 out of 10 buildings have grades between D and G, or what is the same, that they are polluting and inefficient.

According to a report by the Ministry of Industry, dated December 2014, the vast majority of old homes have a very poor rating, although they are not the only ones, since among new homes, only 42% receive an E rating or lower.

How energy efficiency certificates work

They inform the recipients about the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property, and it is mandatory since June 2013. The directive that regulates it is of European origin, and should have been applied in our country for a long time. In most European countries it has been applied since 2007 and its mission is for citizens to know the energy consumption of their homes.

Your responsibility is part of the obligations of the owner, whether you are going to rent or if you are going to sell. Its processing results in the so-called energy label, very similar to the one you will find in the appliances, although the document that the owners receive is more extensive and consists of several documents, as we will see later.

The qualification more in line with the European directives of energy saving is the A, of green color and the least efficient is the G, of red color.

Why you must process the energy certification

This label must be visible in any advertisement of the property, so you must include it on your real estate website if you have advertised properties. Although it is the owner’s mission to process it, many real estate agencies offer this management as a way to attract customers.

And do not think it is a management of little importance. The energy certification must be included in the contract of sale as well as in the official body in which the deposit is deposited in case of rental.

What does the Energy Certificate contain

It contains more than the label we have commented. In its simplified form, it is a 10-sheet document to which the certifying technician can add more information, such as cadastral documentation, photographs of the property, a sketch of the envelope or even (although it will be more expensive) a final report addressed to the consumer.

This report is found be very useful in University Town Islamabad, be it a buyer or a tenant, because that is where the measures are specified so that your electricity and heating bill at the end of the month (or air conditioning) is as small as possible.

What to do with the Energy Certificate

The obligation of the owner does not end with obtaining the energy report. As we have already mentioned, it must be included in the contract of sale or deposited with the competent body in which the deposit will be deposited.

It must also be submitted to the corresponding body of the Autonomous Community in which the property is located. In many cases it can be done electronically and will not take more than a few minutes.

If some of your clients have not yet registered the certificate, remember that the term offered by the Royal Decree since its entry into force was 3 months. This date expired on 04/14/2013.

Also, remember that the legislation includes fines for all those who do not comply with the European directive. These fines range between € 300 and € 600 in the mildest cases and between € 1,001 and € 6,000 in the most serious cases such as counterfeiting of the energy label.

And no kidding, since 2014 several sanction proceedings have already been processed. There are not many, but several fines have been imposed on owners and certifiers. In the Community of Madrid alone, 21 files were processed in 2014, of which those who rented without an energy certificate had to pay € 601. In other more serious cases, such as the falsity of certificate data, the amounts ranged between € 2,000 and € 6,000.

How long is the energy certificate

The Royal Decree indicates that it will have a maximum validity of 10 years. It is up to each Autonomous Community to establish the term, which can be three, five or the maximum, ten years.

We want to draw your attention to a provision that few know. In 2018, all buildings over 50 years old must have (although they will not be rented or sold) a Building Evaluation Report and in addition, the Building Energy Certification.

Efinovatic app: Online application to obtain the certificate

If you are one of those who offer this label to attract sales, this tool that we recommend today will be especially useful.

It is endorsed by Efinova, a company formed by the same technical team responsible for creating the standard in certification documents, the CE3X.

To use this program, you will need to be registered in Efinova previously by clicking here . Then, you can access through the web a platform available on all devices with internet connection.

Program features for energy efficiency certificate, Efinovatic app

The first and main one is that it is available online without device compatibility problems, which is already a great help.

In addition, many of the data necessary to process the certification can be obtained directly online. You can leave the house with all the necessary information to give the owner both the certificate in .cex format, and the energy label.

Other features of the Ce3x energy certification program are:

  • Direct connection with the cadastre (except the Basque Country and Navarra). You will have access to the cadastral reference, the year of construction and the location plan of the house.
  • Orientation of the property, provided by the compass of the device you are using.
  • Calculation of shadows from other buildings, without the need for additional calculations.
  • Incorporation of photos and audio notes to the file.
  • Possibility of adding the potential improvements of the building that would improve the energy certification.