Purpose and History of NTS

In Pakistan there was a need of testing service to filter the number of applicants based on their abilities. Due to this requirement National Testing Service was created in 2002 by government of Pakistan. NTS has completed its successful 14 years. In case you want to apply for NTS Jobs then you should apply here.

Board of directors govern NTS. It is a private organization which aims to compete with the international standard in human resources. NTS is working hard to promote the education in Pakistan. They are working to improve the education quality and assessment service. NTS is conducting test and interviews on behalf of many government as well as private organization.

NTS tests can be divided into two categories. National Tests and International Test. Tests that are conducted in the boundaries of Pakistan for national purpose. These tests can be used for universities admissions and for job seeking purpose. The national tests have a great value in Pakistan. International tests are used for applying in foreign organization or institute.

These tests are recognized by international organizations. Dr. Tayyab Akram is chief executive officer of NTS and Mr Muhammad Siddique is secretary of NTS. NTS conducts tests on merit basis and they are transparent. NTS jobs are very popular in Pakistan they announce jobs on their official website that is nts.org.pk and in top ranked newspapers of Pakistan. There are many other website that are posting NTS jobs. The applying procedure on these jobs is basic.


NTS is announcing jobs in all over Pakistan. Due to their hard work and quality service people can rely on NTS. They have great products and service and they are also working for scholarships and recruitment. Like many other big organizations the head office of NTS is in Islamabad. NTS is providing great service to employers of both government and private organizations in candidate hunting for job openings. So this was some information about NTS you should know. We will be sharing more articles about NTS. Stay Connected with us!