Radon Testing Near Me With Additional Features

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the death rate due to radon gas is much higher than that of drunken driving. In the USA, yearly 30,000 people die because of this poisonous gas. If you are looking for Radon Testing Near Me, we are offering the best options with various facilities.


Radon testing is done with the help of instruments. People that have enough knowledge about it can do it effectively. We have the best inspection team who can inspect any place efficiently.


We offer radon testing near me

For radon gas testing, there are mainly two processes. One is the short-term process and the other is the long-term process.


The short-term process takes from two to ninety days. There are two different techniques to perform it. For long-term testing, the electret process is favorable.


Radon Mitigation System

After testing, if there is radon gas present at your place and it is not possible that the gas will remove naturally, we offer you the best mitigation system installation. We have a team of experts that can do work efficiently.


For mitigation system installation, we have experts for every field. We have an inspection team, which plays an important role. When you contact us for a mitigation system installation, we send our tea for place inspection. Our team also offers various solutions and you can choose one considering your choice.


The inspection team does all the testing to detect this odorless and colorless gas. Once it is detected that there is radon gas, the next step is the installation of the process. To install the radon mitigation system, we do all the math work to ensure the durability of the process.

When you come to us, we deal with you with the best facilities so that there will be long-term business between us. The installation process includes the drilling process, piping assembly, fan installation, and outer duct.


After the installation of the system, it is necessary to check the process seldom. Scheduling the checking process enables the long-term running of the system and we will do the maintenance with this.


Environmental Protection Agency

We follow all the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB). According to EPA, if the level of radon is above 4pCi/L or above then there is an urgent need to mitigate it and we are at your service to do that.


We are using qualified and attested products to provide relief to our customers. Radon mitigation system is a one-time investment and thus we take it very seriously so that our clients are not disturbed repeatedly with poor quality of the materials. Therefore, our way of working, materials of construction we used, are long-lasting and we pledge this.


The mitigation system is the need of time and we are promised to serve you with the best facilities. There is no need to worry about radon testing near me. We will provide you the best facilities. In addition, our rates are affordable as compared to the other installation companies.