Real estate management. And you want productivity?

Management is doing things well; Leadership is doing the right thing.

The property management is more art than science. It depends more on the professional preparation of the manager, than on the commercial team he manages. Do you want productivity in your real estate agency? Win it!

Win it by showing your commercial team that you know the real estate market in your area well; that what you know about real estate sales you have learned on the battlefield and not attending courses, (which too) ; that you know how to use your time effectively ; that you are always at the foot of the canyon; that you preach by example and that you are not for nonsense.

That you, to score a goal, the commercial has to be very smart. Do you want productivity? Prove that you are productive. Being a boss is easy; the hard part is being a leader; That is precisely what real estate management needs Leadership as observed in Park View City .

Productivity in real estate management(= completing the sale and entering benefits) , is linked to the internal organization carried by the real estate agency, its business policy and its way of managing staff.

I have met several times with real estate agencies that want to hire my services to maximize the productivity of their commercial team. Sometimes I have to reject them, because the improvement that is intended to be carried out would begin with a change of mentality and focus of the owner or manager. Something that listening to what you intend to carry out with my consulting, I know I will not get. You know, “you can take the end to the river, but you can’t make him drink.”

It is very difficult to advise someone who does not want to change their management habits or their approach to how to make the real estate agency’s service even more profitable. Improving productivity is not achieved with a motivational seminar or new sales techniques, or improved processes and protocols of an agency. Not even improving salary and / or commissions.

“Something that must be learned in real estate management is that productivity cannot be reduced; it must be deserved. The commercial will always be as productive as the manager or the commercial director.”

Let’s see if I explain myself. Real estate agents cannot improve or maximize their productivity if the marketing and sales processes are obsolete or incomplete. This translates in most cases in not knowing how to attract customers and in not knowing how to capture the right properties. If the company policy, the mentality of real estate management is the wrong one, not even a miracle will give you productivity.

Real estate management. Internal organization.

You cannot pretend that real estate agents improve their productivity when the agency does not have a defined marketing plan and everyone in the agency sells everything. When there is no internal organization and no clear action protocols have been established to capture, prepare the property for sale, market it, serve the potential client and negotiate the sale. All these imply to any Islamabad Property in Pakistan.

The productivity of real estate agents is not going to improve, improving only their working environment with plants, ambient music, a good office, a fan or a water source, because the sound of running water is quite relaxing.

For productivity to increase, real estate agents and non-commercial staff need to feel “happy” to work in the agency. How do you make people happy? Of course not only with an adequate salary and / or commissions; but offering them a better future, offering possibilities to improve their professional and personal life. Productivity appears when you feel optimism and you see the fruit of the work done.

The property management effectively involves planning, organizing and scheduling all activities of real estate agency to achieve the objectives based on productivity. Having a company policy means: “… here we do things like this, because it is proven that they work and if someone has a better idea, welcome, to expose it and modify the protocols.”

“The commercials are motivated with facts and not with words. The commercials do not need a friend in the manager; they need a firm leader who makes them earn money, makes them feel at ease in the company and shows them a promising future. This is effective real estate management. Do you want loyalty? Win it! “

Real estate management. Create a Happy Environment.

The main obligation of the person responsible for real estate management is to create a happy working environment . Commercials must be satisfied with what they do and enjoy their work.

Have you ever wondered, because it is easier to sell a property immediately after having sold another property? In those moments, trust, positivism, happiness is in full swing and makes us more productive, because in those moments we think slightly differently. We feel good and satisfied.

Productivity has a lot to do with the commercial policy established by the company. For example, a real estate agency that does not have personnel specialized in a certain real estate product or service cannot expect to maximize its productivity, since it is not using its resources effectively. That everyone sells everything is not the most appropriate policy.

If part of the service I provide in my real estate agency is the leasing of properties, then I have 1 or 2 real estate agents “specialized” in leases . Who know so much about leases that they could write a book. Staff that knows the market for rent at the heart and knows how to get the best customers.

This focus on real estate management creates happy commercials who take pride in their work. Commercials that have high productivity because, when they specialize, they have more income, because their work is done more quickly and professionally.

Real estate management. The importance of the specialization.

Having specialized commercials with solid knowledge about a real estate product or about a certain area or about a particular type of customer, makes commercials feel comfortable , happy at work, because they know that sales will arrive before the end of the month. Self-confidence means that the real estate agent has confidence in the future of his company and that he / she is part of the company’s project.

If the person responsible for real estate management manages to make commercials, or anyone working in the company, feel that way, optimum productivity will be achieved .

Productivity allows a seller to be able to sell 1-2 properties per month, every month, instead of selling 1 every 2 months. In the end, maximizing the productivity of a real estate agent has more to do with the type of real estate management,  than with the motivation; with how the market behaves or with a pleasant working environment.

Is there a future in this agency? Is professional work required and are the tools to do it provided? Is the agency managed by leading by example? … These are some of the questions that the person in charge of the management of the company should ask themselves to start improving productivity .

First think about how you can improve yourself as a manager to improve productivity and then we talk about how to improve staff productivity.

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