Social Media Marketing Importance

Social media is vastly becoming the new normal. It is the new normal for just about every area of life. People use it to plan and organize events. They use it to connect to friends, sometimes at the expense of connecting in person. It is used to keep a calendar or reference point for life events, such as people’s birthday and other events that people are attending. The newest or fastest emerging aspect of this is the market place. What we are seeing in this generation is a vast expansion of the use of social media to sell and market products and services. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

First off, it is going to lead to whole new businesses and industries. The mixture of e-commerce websites like amazon, and the marketing aspect of catered advertisements on Instagram, Facebook and other social media is leading to an emergence of ease of entrepreneurship. Now, with just a little bit of research, intuition, and creativity, just about anyone can find a way to have a steady supply of products that, if gone viral, become an easy source of income from websites like Amazon. Just the other day, I was hearing an entrepreneur and business man, Ryan Moran, talk about how he has come up with a model that can create a million dollar a year business from scratch in just a year. He talked about how you leverage the marketing ability of Facebook ads in order to spike your reviews for your Amazon profile. From there, you keep gaining reviews and do what it takes to get the sales, and it basically sustains itself. You just order the product from the supplier and sell it. With these capabilities, it is possible for teenagers to become very wealthy in a short period of time.

On top of that, you have people who advertise or are sponsored on platforms like Youtube and Instagram. It only requires you to get a certain amount of views and subscribers, and you begin making money from advertisement. Businesses start paying you to be a “social media influencer.” When you show off their products or promote their business in either your videos or pictures, they will pay you thousands of dollars if you have a large enough viewer base. This is crazy to think that just being popular makes you money. Compared to what used to be required to create a successful business, these new business or wealth creation models require next to no effort.

With the expansion of technology, you always see benefits or increases in productivity. What we are seeing in social media is no different. With the construction of railroads, large shipments of products could be delivered around the country. With airplanes, the same began to happen across multiple nations at a rate boats could not provide. This caused a spike in international trade. With the invention of the phone, people could communicate easier. This lead to quicker access to information by business leaders and increased marketing capability. This social media explosion is just the next step. It is where the market and the world is headed.

We see new additions to the already vast world of social media such as the introduction of augmented reality that has been developed by Facebook. This leads to the ability for people to virtually interact and present content, ideas, and information the same way they would in person, but without actually having to go anywhere. If the world goes down that path, it is quite possible that we would see a world where humans do not need to leave their home to get anything done, at least in the service market. We are also seeing the emergence of self-driving vehicles and self-operating machinery. This would mean that the augmented reality addition to social media could be expanded to the goods market as well, rather than just the services market. People would interact with others as if they were there in person.

This means that families could see each other in person without leaving their home. This means that classes could be taught in person without the professor leaving their home. There are so many areas that these advances could and will lead to. Any time you combine an aspect of life to this expansion, it will lead to a further integration of social media, the internet, and everyday life. If your augmented reality could be used to operate a life size humanoid robot, then you could interact with construction sites or office work or whatever you need to, and the robot could perform all the physical functions for you that you would be doing in person.

While this may all seem like a tangent, it is very intimately connected to the idea of social media. As mentioned, Facebook executives have already begun working on projects like this to connect to Facebook or Instagram. The future of social media looks like social life, and societal inner workings, being operated by people participating in augmented reality. We already are seeing vast collections of data and the use of social media to replace various tools typically used like calendars and event planning and other things. Employers are beginning to consider social media as a way to screen employment candidates during the interview process. All of this is accomplished with a compilation of text and some pictures posted on a person’s profile. The next logical step is only that people begin to interact with the world virtually when the technology becomes widely available.

In conclusion, I will reiterate that social media has become the new norm. Therefore, anything that becomes the new norm for social media will also become the new norm. Anybody who has not begun to pay serious attention to social media to increase reputation and Instagram followers. They will miss out on the direction the world is taking. They will miss opportunities for business possibilities. They will be less connected and less relevant. Therefore, it behooves any person who cares about where the world is going to seriously consider social media and the direction it is taking.