Social networks for real estate: How to use them in summer

When August arrives, marketing specialists always ask ourselves the same question … How should we manage social networks for real estate in summer? Should we continue publishing at the same pace as the rest of the year, modify content, not publish anything?

And is not for less. It has taken us years to realize that, indeed, August is a “dead month”, also on the Internet. And it is especially for Park View City NOC. Who is coming to buy a house in the middle of August, knowing that most businesses are closed and at the expense of sunstroke?

Thus, what is the most appropriate way for professionals in the sector to feed our social community so that they do not lose interest during the month of August?

Social networks for real estate: 5 essential keys

1.  Never leave the real estate blog completely empty

Even if the activity and the readers will tend to visit your real estate website and your blog much less during the summer, do not stop publishing articles.

Our advice: It slows down the frequency of publications, for example, at Sky Marketing we post from three articles a week to only one weekly.

Try however that this weekly post has enough internal links to keep the reader interested in your blog as long as possible.

2.  … Not even in social networks

As with your blog, stop publishing on your social networks, will imply a fall in your engagement (level of participation and loyalty of your community of fans). It would take you almost a year to recover it.

Our advice: Instead of completely stopping the activity on social networks, update them less frequently, going, for example, from an update on Facebook a day to 3 a week, or from 10 tweets a day to 2-3 daily.

Modify also the design of the social networks of your real estate and give them a more summery air. If the frequency of the posts is sporadic (minimum, once a week on Facebook and 2 tweets a day), you can schedule them beforehand and carefree during your vacation.

3.  Change the type of content you usually publish

Summer themes, fresh and related to the month of August will attract much more attention from your social community. Keep in mind that during this month, users will look for more entertainment content than serious.

Our advice: The contents of a personal nature, which involve the staff of the business, usually work very well during this holiday month.

4.  Plan an action that maintains the interest of your readers even when there is less content.

Do you use real estate email marketing to send your current and potential customers the news? If so, this could be a good way to keep your readers attentive to your real estate website, especially if you prepare something special for September or months to come.

Our advice: An eBook is a great way to thank your users for their permanence and keep them loyal to the brand. Some interesting topics could be about summer decoration, keys to adapt a floor to high temperatures or what awaits your customers for the “new course”.

If you use email campaigns, you can send it as a thank you to your subscribers or publish it several times on Facebook or Twitter during the month of August, leaving it scheduled.

5.  Use Facebook advertising.

An unbeatable way for the participation and interest of your fans does not fall on Facebook during August is to launch an ad with, for example, the best article on your blog or the eBook we talked about in the previous section. In this way, even if you don’t publish as much as in previous months, your fans will continue to visit your listing page on Islamabad property on Facebook and it will continue to send readers to your blog or website.

Our advice: Follow the step-by-step guide on the tricks of ads,  Facebook for real estate  that we published in our blog to launch this ad.

Anyway, remember that the most important thing of “how to use social networks for real estate in summer”, is that you rest during these vacations, so do not hesitate to schedule all these online Real Estate Marketing actions in advance or ask for help from specialists if you need it We are here to make your day to day easier!