The Myths & Truths About Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Just as with most nutritional issues, the best dietary supplement for canine cholesterol management is a careful balance between the necessary cholesterol and the excessive amounts that can be found in many commercial foods. To find the correct balance for your pet, your veterinarian may need to perform blood tests and discuss the best options for his lifestyle and diet. Cholesterol control pills are commonly used to manage high cholesterol, but they also have side effects that you should be aware of. In some cases, they can actually make the problem worse.

Dogs that regularly eat a variety of high quality food without including eggs in their diet show much better overall health. They have lower chances of developing cancer and heart problems. They also experience less itching and hair loss, and their coat is stronger and healthier looking. Cholesterol control pills can be helpful but should be limited to dietary reasons and not used to substitute normal food or treat existing problems.

Another myth that some people believe is that dogs can’t eat eggs, is that they are not digesting the yolk. Actually, they digest the egg very quickly, in just minutes. They love a large number of different protein-rich treats, including cheese, chicken, liver, salmon, sausage, and even chocolate. Because they like a variety of textures and flavors, they can’t get bored with their daily routine of treats.

Some people believe that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to dogs can eat eggs, because they are high in cholesterol. However, they actually have very low cholesterol when given the right nutrition. The cholesterol found in eggs is referred to as lutein and this is not the same as bad cholesterol that can be dangerous to humans. In addition, chickens that are fed eggs also have greater amounts of vitamin D in their bodies. Vitamin D is extremely important, as it strengthens the immune system, and is essential for overall healthy skin, teeth, bones, muscles, and feet.

Finally, many people believe that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to eat eggs, because they are unhealthy. While it’s true that there is a correlation between cholesterol and eggshells, there is no reason at all to think that a healthy dog should have a regular egg dish. In fact, most veterinarians will encourage pet owners to feed their dogs the best quality food possible, including cooked eggshells and fresh egg white. A healthy pet that eating the right diet is much less likely to develop health problems.

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