What does a Real Estate Brand need to have? Design, colors, concepts

Developing a good real estate brand is no easy task.

Mainly for those who don’t even know where to start. After all, a good brand needs to have countless creative and technical devices for them to have positive effects in the long run. Otherwise, the mark will be nothing more, nothing less than written text or a reasonable design.

All of this can seem difficult and often unnecessary. After all, a company survives selling its products, and not having the prettiest brand in the market, isn’t it?

Well, this is true. But only in parts. And that’s why there are design, creation and brand projection studios all over the world. Because the brand is really important for the company’s health.

If you are looking to professionalize your real estate company even more and have a positive impact on the market, know that many actions need to be taken today to reap the rewards tomorrow. And the brand is in the middle of this process, as the creation, conception and maturation process can take time.

If you want to understand everything about the topic to build a solid and strong brand in the real estate market like blueworld city, read on. We will understand everything about the topic below.

Real estate brand – Principles for making a great brand

To make a great real estate brand, you don’t need a lot of things. But, you need the right things. And that’s where, most of the time, people end up getting confused and going down the wrong paths.

Have you ever heard that the best ideas are the simplest ones?

This is true. But arriving at the “simple idea” is a time-consuming, bureaucratic and often uncertain process. After all, we cannot predict the future to know when or even if we will be able to reach a satisfactory result.

And that’s why, from this point on, we must delegate the functions.

And this is our first tip: transfer the task to those who understand more about the topic than you do. Thus, you save resources, efforts and, of course, reap much better results when establishing a good real estate brand.

But, of course, the goal is to help you blaze a trail to help design a powerful brand. And for that, we’ve separated some topics, which are:

  • Understanding what a brand is;
  • Concepts, cultures and storytelling– Start here;
  • Naming– The name of your real estate agency;
  • Brand reading needs to be simple and fast;
  • Avoid unnecessary elements and polluting objects – The brand is not an artistic framework;
  • The psychology of colors applied to brands;
  • A brand needs to be simple – But not simple;
  • Understand your competition – And differentiate yourself from them;

Sound like a lot? Do not worry. We’ll talk about each topic individually so you can better pin down the content.

Come on?

Understanding what a brand is

It all starts with understanding what a brand is. In other words, you need to have the brand concept firmly fixed in your mind. In this way, we can understand a brand as what the name says: a mark on the market. In other words, it is a way to mark and identify your company, among so many others.

From this concept, we can see how important a brand is, isn’t it?

To be clearer, let’s understand an example. Imagine an open field, with a series of flags fixed to the ground. Each flag, in this case, is responsible for carrying the identity and name of several companies. Now, the objective is to try to identify, just by brand, which companies are solid, professional and competent.

Difficult, isn’t it?

That’s exactly why a brand is so important and cannot be overlooked. Because it talks a lot about the company, mainly due to the fact that it is often through the brand that we get the first impression of the business.

And for that reason, we recommend that you read on so that we can structure a way to create a great brand for your real estate.

Follow up.

Concepts, cultures and storytelling – Start here

A brand is nothing more than a way to symbolize concepts, cultures and the history of your real estate company. Doing this in a creative, technical and visually pleasing way is a very big challenge.

But it’s not impossible. On the contrary. It is fully feasible once you have previously identified the fundamentals of your real estate.

In other words, you need to have, in a clear way, several concepts related to your real estate, such as: mission, vision, values, culture, differentials, market share you serve, defined persona , etc.

It is from these roots that a brand or a visual identity can begin to be built, in a personalized, individual and unique way: just like your real estate agency.

The more rich information you can gather about what your real estate company is or what it wants to be, the better it will be for the development of all creative layers. So don’t hesitate to take notes, create texts, draw, think and, of course, consider your business plan in the middle of it all.

Naming – The name of your real estate

The second step in creating a good real estate brand is naming. Or, the name of the real estate agency . The tag can often carry symbols and elements. But at other times it may rely solely on the name, using it as the basis for the main design.

And so, this process needs to happen in a very individual way. The name is what will give your real estate its individuality. And the more exclusive and unique it is, the better it will be in the medium and long term.

And here’s our second all-important tip: avoid clichéd, basic, expressionless names. When someone reads the name of your real estate, there needs to be the triggering of several mental triggers at this time. This will help build remembrance and, of course, differentiation.

After all, simply naming your company with any name is the same as telling the consumer that you are a company like any other. And the consumer, of course, will understand this and will hardly see your real estate agency as professional, different or personalized: it is just one more. And this is very bad.

But at the same time, the name needs to be something that makes some emotional sense to the prospect. You cannot give a name that resembles another business in another segment, for example.

That is, you will need to do a lot of research after you have good name ideas. And believe me: many times, the most amazing names you can think of, may already be used, even by companies outside the real estate industry. And the process, in this case, must start over.

Brand reading needs to be simple and fast

Now, moving on to a more practical part, let’s talk about the importance of brand reading. And in this case, we are not just talking about reading the mark in text form.

But yes, we talk about reading in a much broader way. In other words, whoever “sets their eyes” on the brand must, in every way, understand what it means, suggests and indicates.

And for that, it is very important that you consider several technical aspects, such as: easy name, fast, with vowels, few syllables, legible typography, clear symbols, few layers and a lot of linearity.

Of course, in a simple way, all this seems complicated to put into practice. And that’s why you need, above all, someone who can help you, as we mentioned earlier.

Always remember that your brand is a kind of calling card. In other words, it is some kind of first impression that the prospect will have of your real estate company.

And that’s why it’s very important to take care of this first contact. After all, if someone tries to read your brand and doesn’t understand, it’s unlikely that any kind of partnership or business will come out of there. Always think about it.

Avoid unnecessary elements and polluting objects – The brand is not an artistic framework

When we think of a real estate brand, especially for those who are not familiar with the topic, there is usually a search for those more classic patterns.

However, this is not necessarily a good idea. Especially if the brand has numerous elements, objects, colors, layers and weights. All of this makes the project technically at a much lower level.

We need to understand that a brand is not an artistic painting by a famous painter. It must be, above all, a way of identifying a company within a market.

As much as there are creative processes to develop the project, it is essential that the commercial concept continues to exist. After all, a company is still a company, isn’t it?

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid too much color and too much information. Try to be succinct, stating the name of the company and, at most, the slogan or a description of the services or activities.

More than that, everything will be polluted and, with so much information, the brand will hardly say anything.

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The psychology of colors applied to brands

Color psychology must be applied heavily to a brand.

For a very simple reason: colors always say something, even if unconsciously. So, your real estate brand needs to also consider these more “hidden” factors in people’s minds so that a good logo can be developed.

Just as there is the psychology for sales , there are also a number of studies that need to be considered when designing a brand, no matter how “simple” it may be.

For example, the color red will always represent agitation, energy and attitude. While the blue color, in turn, is much calmer, calmer and serene.

And it is from this data that you will be able to start building feelings and sensations, something that is fundamental for your brand’s life in the medium and long term. What do you want people to feel about your real estate?

A brand needs to be simple – but not simple

The simplicity of a brand is a crucial factor so that all the above topics can be commented on in a practical way. After all, everything that is complex to be digested in a reading of seconds has already failed since the beginning of its conception.

In other words, a prospect cannot be analyzing, thinking and appreciating your brand. As we mentioned earlier, it is not an artistic picture. But yes, a brand.

However, you cannot confuse a simple brand with a simple brand.

In other words, as simple as the brand is from a technical point of view, it needs to be profound, with many concepts and pillars that guide your company.

It needs, above all, to be grounded. This is what will guide all your real estate projects in the short, medium and long term.

Always make this differentiation, ok? Simple is not simple.

Understand your competition – And differentiate yourself from them

And finally, one of the most important tips for you to create a strong brand: make a good benchmark . Above all, you need to understand your competition. Know who you are dealing with so that you know how to deal with it.

From a technical point of view, a brand can stand out in many ways, simply because it understands the competition. You can insert or remove elements in a more informed and certain way.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. But, yes, try to make the wheel run faster and with more performance.

Never discard professional help to build your brand

The Ville PP & E recommends you always count on professional assistance for all the above topics can be built in a professional and appropriate manner.

You can hire a real estate agency , you can hire a designer or even a studio dedicated to creating brands. The important thing is not to skip steps and above all focus on what is really important.

A good real estate brand can make your sales increase exponentially as you can market yourself in a much more professional way. Count on Ville Imob to make your real estate evolve and move towards even greater success.

We wish you good sales and much success!